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For any questions regarding the website or the community u can leave a reply down here and i wil answer it as soon as possible !


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How to contact Ghost:

Origin ID :       Ghostkillah1983

Uplay ID :        Ghosty1983

Blizzard Battlenet ID :       Ghostkillah#1396

Steam ID:

Skype :             Ghostkillah83

Facebook :        Jurgen De Coster

History of Booterang :

We are a gaming community wich is founded and started in World of Warcraft, mid 2008 "Booterang" got created on "EU Magtheridon".

Stayed a long while there and took a free character transfer to "EU Boulderfist" at that time Magtheridon realm was dying.

We stayed on "EU Boulderfist" until february 2012 and paid character transferred to "EU Stormscale", wich is also stil our current home.

Our roster is mainly existing out of World of Warcraft players (95%)

However most of us do enjoy playing a bunch of other games in a guild/ team atmosphere.


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