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This section of the website is dedicated to all games we play.

We in the community play a lot of World of Warcraft, as u can see the majority of the site is dedicated to the game.

This website is also the main website for our Warcraft side.

If u want to join the WoW team just drop an apply on the forum or poke Ghostkillah.

We have a dedicated Diablo team running with the BTR tag,

for more info or on how to join the Diablo ranks get in touch with Raptorjezus or Ghostkillah.

Who doesnt like and love to play this great game ! We also do, several of us are most likely up for some battles. Poke any ppl on the forum or get a hold on teamspeak, the server info is available in the forum or when u poke Ghostkillah.

There is a group of people that like to play Heartstone ! Join them now in the community !

Also for Heroes of the Storm players there is the opportunity to play with some fellow community members.

BTR team incoming for Overwatch !!

The Battlefield genre is also much loved in BTR ranks, we have a booterang team running for a long time. Click on the house to see the BTR Battlefield team or to join up the ranks ! More info is also available thru the forum.

A big BTR platoon is what we have played with for years until the newer battlefield came out and that became the new standard, left here the remnants of a great Battlfield 3 platoon, check out the newer games from battlefield genre to find out where al those BTR players went :D

Ghost likes his Sci-fi ! BTR has a clan on the dark side somewhere, poke Ghostkillah to find out the details, on request this game stil gets played :)  Galaxys get conquered and enemies slain !

We have some people playing this game aswel, check out the forum for details !

Also here we have a BTR guild wich isnt occupied with a lot, poke Ghostkillah for details.

Such a great medieval building game ! BTR has its own server available for playing, it can be activated on request. The only person responsible for this is Ghostkillah. He is Lord Commander in this BTR ruled realm !

Small group of people available for payday ! poke Ghostkillah for more info.

Building, building, building , ......

We have a large group of people playing League of Legends, more info coming soon ! More content wil be added soon !

Some of us are always up for some goold old AOE !!

Who didnt loved the good old settlers, this comes somehow near, good for some hours of entertainment :)

We have a select group of enthousiasts for racing games complete with driver seat setup and steering wheels, videos wil be incoming in the future, more info can be found on the forum !

Can't leave such a classic out can we ?

Empyrion is a great space building game much like Space Engineers, also for this game we run a dedicated server. On request we can enable this, poke Ghostkillah for more info or visit the forum for more info on the game and the dedicated server.

BTR has been since ages present in EvE online, Ghostkillah made in 2009 his char Ghost Zaldys and founded the Booterang Alliance and Corporations. If u want to experience EvE Online and join the corp poke Ghostkillah or drop by on the forum !

My personal favorite ! Such a great game nobody should mis out on ! There is a whole forum section dedicated to this game, check it out !

We play with a small select group online, poke Ghostkillah for more info or check on the forum or teamspeak for more players !

Great combat game with awesome graphics, able to play solo or multiplyer, poke Ghostkillah ! He plays this game !

Great game to play togheter multiplayer ! Graphics are awesome ! Atm we are only with like 2 people from Booterang playing this game, poke Ghostkillah for more info !

And this list wil always be growing...
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